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Thanks for stopping by to check us out.  


We're your one-stop shop for painted furniture, home decor, workshops, furniture paint, accessories and much more.​  We, along with our team of local vendors and craftsmen, take special pride in producing unique items from various reclaimed elements.  Wether it's rustic reclaimed wood, vintage decor, up-cycled furniture, or unique accessories, we are experienced in re-inventing how they come together.


Throughout the years, our core belief in maintaining the integrity of each piece has never changed.  We respect and preserve as much of the original piece while it takes on a new life.  Our work supports the belief   that vintage has value and can have a beautiful extended life.  We work to revive, not replace, by breathing new life into worn down pieces. 

Each of our artisans has a strong history in perfecting their individual crafts.  We are all passionate about our businesses, but even more so about bringing new selections to the showroom for you to choose from. 

All restored furniture pieces are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. Painting  of custom, commissioned,  general for-sale pieces is all done by hand, The final products are truly unique, and each has its own distinct history.  


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